CG Power Systems


As one of the world`s leading engineering corporations, CG provides end-to-end solutions, helping its customers use electrical power effectively and increase industrial productivity with sustainability.


CG established its international manufacturing footprint in the year 2005 by acquisition of the Belgium based Pauwels Group, which gave CG additional manufacturing facilities for Power and Distribution transformers at Belgium, Ireland, USA, Canada and Indonesia.


We offer to our clients transformers manufactured at former Pauwels Group factories in Belgium and Ireland.


CG was established in 1937 in India; and, since then the Company has been a pioneer and has retained its leadership position in the management and application of electrical energy.


Power Systems, includes the business area related to transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, vacuum interrupters, network protection & control gear, as well as design, execution and servicing of turnkey T&D as well as sub-station projects and solutions including complete end to end Renewable projects.


This is the largest business of CG which is now well entrenched throughout the world. It is a high value, high turnover business with a strong global footprint, contributing to approx 70 per cent of CGs consolidated revenue.


Its facilities are located in Belgium, Canada, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, France, UK and USA.


CG is amongst the top 10 transformer manufacturers in the world; and one of the very few companies worldwide, that designs and manufactures such a wide range of Power and Distribution Transformers as well as Reactors from 160kVA to 600MVA, and 11kV to 765 kV Class, conforming to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS and other International Standards.


It has recently made an aggressive foray into the manufacture of 765kV transformers with the execution of its maiden order for the Power Grid Corporation of India.


CG is a preferred supplier for a wide range of Transformers and Reactors for many critical applications.


CG products find use in Industries, Power Utilities, Railways, Mines, and a wide population of Industrial users internationally. 


CG has pioneered the technology for the manufacture of compact, reliable SLIM® transformers with high overload capacity in collaboration with Duponts Nomex® thermal insulating technology, rendering it a world leader in wind farm installations, where these transformers have extensive applications.


Its Hungarian plant has over 125 years of experience in the production of high voltage GIS switchgear, power transformers, and in the turnkey implementation of various power transmission and distribution projects, including sub-stations.


Strengthening these capabilities is its Automation Solutions business which amplifies the Groups response to smart "solutions", to respond to the ever changing needs of modern business consumers.


CGs Power Systems turnkey T&D and sub-station project management team offers comprehensive turnkey solutions and services for design, manufacture, supply, construction, installation, testing, commissioning, and servicing of large scale turnkey projects.


It brings to its projects a single window source, together with proven project management and execution expertise.


CG is also building competencies and pursuing business opportunities in new segments - renewable energy, ultra high voltage and energy automation, to further augment the products it supplies for windmills and solar power projects.


Besides its product strengths, CG has also forayed into turnkey solutions for the renewable segment, by designing and building transmission grids for offshore wind parks.


CGs acquisition of the MSE Group has further increased its strength as a Systems Integrator in the EPC International business arena, particularly in the Renewable Energy (Wind) segment.


CG has also entered into an agreement with the New York State to establish its US R&D facility at the Albany Nanotech Facility, which will enable it to undertake R&D activities in the fields of smart grid technologies and renewable energy applications.


With such a wide and constantly increasing array of products, solutions and services in its portfolio, CGs Power Systems SBU is well poised to benefit from tap the enormous growth potential provided by global opportunities.


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