The SVS system

A fully-enclosed epoxy resin insulated system with integral vacuum interrupters.


SVS is a compact, modular system developed for medium voltage applications up to 24 kV.


With flexibility in mind, the panels are assembled from modular components including circuit-breakers, load-break switches, fuse holders, metering panels, busbars and cable terminals.


The system is highly suitable for switching and distribution equipment used in electricity distribution networks, as well as in a variety of industrial applications.


Eaton Holec is recognised throughout the world as the leading specialist in epoxy resin-based insulation technology.


Vacuum interrupters form the heart of the Eaton Holec switchgear range.


These high-quality interrupters have been developed and manufactured by Eaton Holec.


Eaton Holec’s modular SVS system is an example of tried and tested high-quality switchgear technology incorporating vacuum interrupters and epoxy resin insulation.


The SVS system of Eaton Holec is ideally suited for use in distribution networks and as industrial and building switchgear.


The system provides reliable switching, protection, metering and distribution of electrical energy.


The SVS system is based on vacuum technology combined with solid insulation.


This makes the SVS system especially suitable for application in infrastructural projects (i.e. tunnels and subways) and industrial or commercial environments(i.e. processing industry, food industry and hospitals) where a clean and safe environment is necessary.


The SVS system is used in:

• Utility: (Main) distribution stations, compact secondary substations, wind turbines

• Infrastructure: Vacuum switching is especially suitable for tunnels, subways and other infrastructural applications

• Industries: Connection to ring cable or LVS system

• Commercial: Hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers, hotels, etc.