Xiria: the smart solution

Xiria is the name of a new generation of ring main units from Eaton Holec.


They are characterized by their high level of operational safety and are suitable for applications up to 24 kV.


Xiria units are also very compact.


Xiria units can be supplied in two-, three-, four- or five-panel versions.


Both the primary part of the unit and the mechanisms are housed in a fully enclosed housing which protects the system against environmental influences.


There is a choice of two basic panel versions in our product range:

• A vacuum load break switch for ring cable connections.

• A vacuum circuit-breaker for protecting transformers and cable connections.

Both versions can be supplied in a unit in any desired combination and order.


Xiria is an extremely well designed and modern system.


For example, when developing the system we intentionally opted for protection in the form of a circuit breaker combined with an electronic relay.


This is a modern, safe and flexible alternative to fuse protection.


In addition it also makes Xiria very easy to use in an automated distribution network.


These specific features make Xiria an easy-to-use system that responds perfectly to changing electricity distribution requirements, both now and in the future.