FMX Smart, Innovative Design offers Economic and Reliable Solution


Type FMX is Eaton's IEC single busbar, solid- and air-insulated medium voltage switchgear system, for use up to 24 kV. The system provides reliable switching, protection, meteringand distribution of electrical energy.


The modern design system uses Eaton's state of the art technology and is manufactured in accordance with the Highest quality standards.


Within the system our engineers have integrated Eaton core technologies, such as vacuum technology, solid insulation and electrical field control.


More than a century of experience in design and production of medium voltage systems has gone into the product.

Type FMX switchgear features a reliable and compact system
design, which benefits from the best practices incorporated in Eaton's current range of MV systems.


The system is tested according the latest standard IEC 62271.


The system uses only environmentally friendly technology and materials.


Since the type FMX system is based on vacuum technology and solid insulation, the system is the latest environmentally friendly "green" switchgear on the market.


The new system incorporates highly innovative technology, by implementing an electro -magnetic mechanism for the circuit-breaker control, and it introduces an integrated cable test facility outside of the high voltage compartment.